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Fashion & Trend are changing so quickly, So the same goes for hair styles. Every time we change our hairstyle, it will hurt our healthy hair. Fashion brings wigs into our lives, Graceful human hair wigs have become a must-have for fashionistas, You don't have to toss your true hair to make a change. Now many of people have chosen a human-hair wig. So how do you manage wigs?  
The right way to manage is not only good effect but also durable. The reporter went to the Remy Hair center himself, Miss Benjamin show us the cleaning, maintenance and modeling skills of humanhair wig. Human-hair wigs are made from real hair. Therefore, we can choose the cleaning products that we normally use. The specific operation is as follows:  
Wet your wig thoroughly with warm water. Put the shampoo on the wig and rub it gently, Apply conditioner or hair mask to your wig after rinse, Let your wig absorb nutrients for 15-20 minutes. Rinse well, Wrap your wig around your head with a dry towel and drain. Place it on a wig holder and let it dry naturally or wear a hair dryer on your head.  
find out->  
1. Be gentle when cleaning.  
2. If it is long hair, comb the hair before washing, so as not to comb and break hair after knot.  
3. Turn the hair cover over when cleaning,, It can be prevent the hair getting into reverse.  
4. After each cleaning, you need to use conditioner or hair mask to maintain your hair, so that you can maintain the softness and gloss of your hair.  
5. Do not use the wig too frequently. If you wear it every day, it is recommended to clean it every day for 7 to 15 days, and to clean it in the winter 15-30 days.  
Modeling of the wig is very simple, First of all, look for the vortex of hair, You need to sort the hair by the dividing line and the hair flow, Blow with a hair dryer, Blow your hair to 90% dry, then blow roots to make a shape, It can be used to gel water, hair gel, wax, elastin and other styling products. Hold these skills, you can easily take care of yourself at home.

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