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By BrandiNY.  January 21, 2014 at 12:50AM (PST)
I'm not an committed ghost-hunter and quite honestly, I'm not sure I really believe in "ghosts" or the "paranormal", persay, but as an agnostic, I'm open and willing to believe that anything is possible. I have been browsing this site for a few years and I enjoy reading some of the experiences that people talk about and it's very interesting. One complaint I have is the credibility of the stories that many of the posters submit to the site. It seems like the admins just let anybody and everyone post anything, without checking any sources to prove. Like for instance, there was something someone posted on there about the World Trade Center being haunted; I've never heard or read that from anywhere else so I find that hard to believe as well as insulting to the victims and survivors of the event. I also get annoyed with the bad grammar and spelling errors that are left on the website; I also doubt the credibility of a ghost story if it looks like it was submitted by a five-year-old. Other than those few things, this website is very interesting and I enjoy surfing it every now and then.