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By KimBreck.  October 16, 2017 at 11:16AM (PST)
One of the things l like best about Cincopa is that after I create a gallery, the code is not only instantly generated on the Cincopa website to cut and paste wherever I want it, but Cincopa also emails the code so if, for some reason I lose it, the email gives to me so I don't even have to log in to the Cincopa site.  
The only small problem I’ve had with Cincopa is that sometimes I trip myself up trying to make it harder to use than it really is. I think I that’s an issue I can live with! I’ve used other gallery generating software programs and found them to be quite a bit of work.  
I would certainly recommend Cincopa to anyone who wants to add a small gallery to a website. I haven’t used Cincopa for a larger gallery, so I hesitate to say anything about that except that I think a larger one would probably go just as smoothly as the small ones have. I have used the video hosting and management, but when I'm ready to add videos to my site, I plan to use Cincopa.  
I’m an artist and wanted to put small “works in progress” galleries in my blog to show my collectors my painting process for new paintings as I finish them. Cincopa has been perfect for that.