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By USSJoshnston.  September 26, 2017 at 12:16AM (PST)
It was decided to move our website into the 21st Century. The original site was built using FrontPage and first went live in  
1999. 2017 saw a major upgrade under the hood of the site. The site was  
moved to WordPress to handle all of the content management.  
Unfortunately, WordPress did not have an audio player or a plugin that  
met our requirements. Our goal was to provide a responsive media control  
that looked good on the site, was hosted off site, started playing once  
the page loaded and allowed users to pause the playback. While many  
players out there offer the majority of those features, Cincopa was the  
only one that provided all of the features we were looking for,  
especially responsiveness.  
Cincopa provided us a location to host our audio file that was fast and  
reliable. Cincopa provided multiple templates to choose from for the  
player controls with a multitude of styling option. Setup was very  
straight forward and easy to setup on the site. We were able to go back  
to the Gallery and make the needed adjustments until the player was just  
the way we wanted it to look and function. Finally our number one  
priority of being responsive, no matter the screen size, was met with  
flying colors.  
For anyone looking for a responsive, hosted, 100% style-able media  
player control to put into your site, Cicopa can handle the job for you.  
They offer video hosting as well.