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By aidensmith71.  December 11, 2017 at 06:26PM (PST)
I am into farming business and needed a utility trailer. I asked a few friends because I was absolutely clueless about where to get one from, that too a used one and in good shape.  
Jazz told me to try online. I was pretty doubtful and didn’t pay much attention that time.  
Guess what! One day while fiddling with my mobile internet I suddenly remembered Jazz’s advice and thought of giving a Google search.  
I came to know about the Tell-N-Sell’s advertising on utility trailers Georgia! I was still a doubting Thomas whether I would really get what I want.  
But finally, I got a 7x18x2 Bumper Pull Dump Trailer 16K GVWR just for $6595. And I’m delighted! Thanks Tell-N-Sell.