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By eyeofman.  July 03, 2017 at 09:32AM (PST)
The Bible nowhere suggests, endorses, or prescribes endless sexual obsession or thrill seeking in marriage. In all things, we are to be self-controlled and informed by the Spirit. I can say unequivocally that the following topics and practices (a few of the endless dozens of shamelessly discussed acts at the MBF) are inspired by porn and not the Spirit: anal sex (abuse of the body, homoerotic), golden showers (degrading one's spouse for personal gratification), home porn (a conniving way to circumvent looking at the real thing), double penetration (abuse of the body, threesome fantasy), dirty language (we are to avoid profanity and course joking. Poster Gemma, however, brazenly proclaims that Jesus loves it when we talk dirty to our spouse), cross-dressing (gender-bending, which God detests), rimming (unsanitary and unhealthy), and pegging (abuse of the body, gender-bending, and homoerotic fantasy). There are dozens of other indecent discussions, especially in "Not So Common".  
The Byerly's make money from this disgraceful forum. And have for many years. They will someday have to answer for false teaching, and encouraging heresy.  
Interesting footnote: the really damning stuff that could unquestionably damage the shaky 'reputation' of of the place disappears. Like the thread started by the alcoholic 'pastor' who wondered if it would be ok to get drunk as long as he didn't engage in debauchery. The MO at the MBF, always, is to outwit the plain meaning of scripture.