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By pluckyfaun.  May 18, 2017 at 12:56AM (PST)
"Running Gator" who wrote that review is a current member of this forum. He use to hide behind the name, by his own admission, "OutoftheShadows". He hasn't changed a bit. He's a vicious bully and troll.  
If you are a Christian you do not want to give this site your time. You won't make it for long.  
I think there's a game that the "watchers" have, those are moderators on any other site but at Worthy they're "watchers". I think they bait new members to see who can ban the most newbies in a week.  
If you want to know what this site is, look at the members with thousands of posts.  
Those are the members that are the sock accounts of those watchers, or moderators.  
No new member will ever gain that many posts. You'll be banned first.  
ONELIGHT is a watcher. And one of the most prolific bullies on the site. His sock account is Shiloh357, Yowm, and "Davida".  
The most duplicitous "watcher" is KwikPhilly. Don't trust that scheming female. She puts out this Christian like charitable demeanor. But behind the scenes she's wicked .  
This is a horrible horrible site.  
And Running Gator is one of the most offensive members there.  
It isn't Christian. Supposedly a guy named George owns it. But no one ever see's him. Some think he died and the site was bought by one of the Troll watchers. Now it is a haven for atheists feeding on Christians. Baiting, attacking, innuendo that insults the faith. They ban people who dare speak out. It's twisted people. TWISTED!