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By remarks100.  September 12, 2012 at 12:40PM (PST)
Actually I wish I could give this company 0 star because I couldn't get a sample from the company. I called and a woman said I need to tell her how much of the fabric I will be ordering. I told her I didn't know because I want to see a few swatches that I might be making more things. But I see they have a minimum yardage order and will at least be ordering that amount. She said she needed an exact amount. I was just dumbfounded because I wasn't placing an order yet, just looking for a few samples. So after going another round with the same conversation I told the person that this isn't the website for me then.  
I took advantage emailing the company and a person by the name of Mark emailed me back. Wrote to me his policy stating that he hopes this clears up any confusion. Well....they still want me to tell them how much material I plan to order. ???? Duh! I also said I didn't think the people are being trained properly or their sales department just doesn't care. I was hoping that the managers of the company would be interested in knowing that they aren't meeting new customers needs. But instead, He wrote me back saying don't bad mouth his company or his employees. !!!  
Well, if bringing poor service to your attention is bad mouthing, that is news to me. I just thought others should know what kind of service they will get from this company. And I suspect if there is any order problem you might have, this could also mean poor return help. And an, "I don't give a darn" attitude.