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By rebahasnoclass.  December 30, 2017 at 03:57PM (PST)
This site is a lunatic asylum and the owners are the top crazy's and their family members are the volunteer "moderators".  
Beware of "Reba" She's queen crazy! And, she's not a Christian. If she takes a hate on for you she will stalk you around the board, attack your posts in her many sock account guises and then ban you. While she breaks all the rules you're suppose to obey.  
Her typo's are the clue you're talking to her sock account.  
papa zoom's sock accounts. "Politico", "JLB" , , Jim Parker, Boaz308, Pizza.  
Reba's sock accounts: Wondering, Deborah13, Kiwidan, Uncle Siggy. There are more. Reba has Barb's password and open his accounts now that he's rotting in his hospital bed being he's an evil atheist prick.  
Barbarian(Reba's husband) Sock accounts: Mozarts Starling, John DB-Moderator, dirtfarmer, Potluck, Knotical, Jay55.