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Advanced Java, ASP.NET, ASP, PHP, and ColdFusion MX Web Hosting starting at $1.66/month. MS SQL Server, MS Access, MySQL, ASP.NET, ASP 3.0, ColdFusion MX, and PHP Included. Extremely fast Dual Xeon servers, 24/7 professional, experienced,... More
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By Arialodolce.  November 30, 2017 at 09:11PM (PST)
Finally I've found a good and reliable home for all my wordpress blogs. After all, as long as your site is up, you stand the chance of getting additional sales which will more than make up for the additional cost of a few bucks. Remember: no site, no sale. So, my personal experience proves that Dailyrazor wordpress hosting service is really professional along with high server stability, good speed connection and useful features.  
Recommend these guys.
By Acaloguillermo.  October 29, 2017 at 10:36PM (PST)
I have a small personal website, and it hasn't been down a minute since I signed up with Dailyrazor. Their uptime is one of the best. Though I never had to do a hardware replace or anything of that sort, I can show you my uptime with them.  
Support is good - ticket system works well. They are knowledgeable and very quick to resolve any issues.
By Jacksurner.  October 15, 2017 at 09:16PM (PST)
It turns out that have been simply a pleasure to deal with as I know anyone who needs help appreciates the relief one feels when they can readily contact a real, live person quickly and who is knowledgeable enough to answer your questions.  
If you want reliable, low-cost, excellent web hosting service, don't hesitate, this decent host will meet your expectations in terms of reliability, speed and support.
By Janosoth.  September 18, 2017 at 08:48PM (PST)
I very much appreciate being able to administer the site via the control panel. Their uptime is very good. Their control panels are easy to use and intuitive, as is their account and billing interface. Dailyrazor is a great hosting site for the basics for development - cpanel, PHP/MySQL, and plenty of space for cheap. Their support is very responsive and willing to work through with you any problems related to your hosting.
By Shanelurrell.  September 06, 2017 at 11:32PM (PST)
These guys do anything to keep the sites up. Their support is outstanding when you compare them to all the other major hosting companies. The price is very cheap and setup very quick, the control panel is different but houses loads of features and after a while is really easy to use. My webmail is a lot easier to get to than it is on other hosts using cPanel.  
Transferred all my sites to dailyrazor web host and no regrets!
By Jacquline6.  August 21, 2017 at 12:55AM (PST)
I keep on falling in love everyday with DailyRazor! The server is stable and always 100% available!  
Their tech support is amazing. They're all extremely knowledgeable and easily understands my geeky techno terms.  
They are really the most friendly hosting provider I have ever worked with.  
Their team always ready to support by 24x7x365 - great plus for them, highly recommended.
By Djidonou.  August 08, 2017 at 01:13AM (PST)
Recommended for user friendliness!  
100% professional host. Dailyrazor is the best host available in the hosting market I must say.  
They provide a great number of tools for you to implement on your websites through the cPanel (Dotclear, Magento commerce, Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, OpenCar and WHMCS to name a few). All of them are free. I have not tried support over the phone yet but chat and tickets were always responded in a timely manner.  
I'm extremely happy with dailyrazor and will continue to have them host our site.
By Travassos.  July 19, 2017 at 02:10AM (PST)
I had a few problems to set up my new account, but thanks to the awesome support of dailyrazor finally I managed it. Their support is outstanding. Very fast and friendly. Even I'm using dailyrazor for a short time, I'm very happy with my choice. The hosting package is coming with a bunch of free software, like one-click WordPress, drupal, joomla installation and unlimited databases.  
It is professional host which I can highly recommend to others.
By Dauphin22.  July 04, 2017 at 09:41PM (PST)
In my opinion, there is not better host then DailyRazor hosting provider!  
Luckily I've haven't had to use the support a lot, but when I have had to use it, responses have been very fast, and they will work with you to get things fixed. My website is up and running and I love it! Their list of extra software installations is huge and their Site Studio is really easy to use. Recommended.
By Padraigweb.  June 23, 2017 at 01:48AM (PST)
You know I've been in the internet business for a long time and been with many hosting companies as well, and as far as am concern dailyrazor is the best in prices, features and the best is the support totally amazing. Since I am fairly new to internet programming and that sort of thing I have used it several times. Wow, I must say they are GOOD! I have had responses in a short amount of time and they have solved my problem every time.  
Excellent service!