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By jamesparker84.  January 03, 2018 at 06:06PM (PST)
My young son has a craze for imported cars and badly wanted one to go to college. He almost drove me nuts.He’s a Gen X tech savvy.  
He showed me the online classified site Tell-N-Sell Online. My god, he nagged me for Honda Accord 2012 model priced $12,885.  
After lots of bargain with the owner (pretty rich guy), we finally got it for $9,300 flat.  
Since then we are enjoying peace at home.
By aidensmith71.  December 11, 2017 at 06:26PM (PST)
I am into farming business and needed a utility trailer. I asked a few friends because I was absolutely clueless about where to get one from, that too a used one and in good shape.  
Jazz told me to try online. I was pretty doubtful and didn’t pay much attention that time.  
Guess what! One day while fiddling with my mobile internet I suddenly remembered Jazz’s advice and thought of giving a Google search.  
I came to know about the Tell-N-Sell’s advertising on utility trailers Georgia! I was still a doubting Thomas whether I would really get what I want.  
But finally, I got a 7x18x2 Bumper Pull Dump Trailer 16K GVWR just for $6595. And I’m delighted! Thanks Tell-N-Sell.
By amihanhsi.  November 12, 2017 at 07:56PM (PST)
I stay in Savannah's downtown area, and I wanted a used car in good condition for my daughter. Since I don’t get much time myself to hunt around, I posted a question on Quora on Savannah used cars availability.  
I received a reply telling me about Tell-N-Sell Online selling used cars in Savannah. I got a good deal from the site. Most importantly, we could finalize one to our liking (a Kia Forte LX) through on-line itself.  
I just had to take my mechanic for inspection and a test drive. To my relief the car had no issues. Happily we finalised the purchase. Thought of saying a thank you to Tell-N-Sell Online through this review.
By smithjons.  April 08, 2014 at 01:45AM (PST)
Being interested in the transportation business, I started a moving business in Georgia recently. I employed a number of individuals, who help numerous residents of Georgia to shift their belongings, heavy furniture, and electrical appliances from their old residence to new homes under my supervision. They are trained in packing, loading, unloading, unpacking, and organizing all personal belongings when shifting from an old residence to a new residence. However, one of the major basic requirements of my moving business was transportation. As people need to move all their belongings, no matter how heavy they are, the need for strong and efficient means of transportation became inevitable. In my quest to obtain a sturdy, spacious, and efficient vehicle, I came across various heavy duty trucks displayed on the online dealership network of Tell-n-Sell. After doing a bit of research and comparing pricing, specifications, and features on a variety of heavy duty trucks, I selected some options for my transportation requirements. These trucks enabled my team to transport a large number of heavy goods and the belongings of numerous customers to the desired location conveniently, safely, and without any hassles. Thanks to the Tell-n-Sell network I have improved my moving businesses to by investing in these efficient trucks and can now fulfill all moving requirements.