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By Scooter12345.  July 31, 2011 at 08:35AM (PST)
seems to be a rip off here, I have ordered several things so far & have not received ANYTHING!
By stacrhee.  May 12, 2011 at 08:35AM (PST)
Customer service hell. The absolute worst I've ever experienced. 16 days to ship out the first order, another 3 weeks to fail sending it to the correct address after it was returned. NO apologies. The WORST.  
I ordered a PHONE on April 5, 2011.  
It is now May 12.  
I have not received it. It was supposed to come in 6-8 business days.  
WORST customer service, shipping, communication, everything.  
After emailing and waiting for Customer Service to get back to me, I received notice on ARIL 21 that it was shipped. Yes, SIXTEEN days after my order.  
I told the Customer Service Dept that I am MOVING on April 29th and that I have to receive it by the 28th.  
The phone didn't come. It was returned to them on May 4. The Return Dept asked me to confirm my address so I replied asking whether they would be able to expedite the shipping. They didn't reply. Another day later, I received an email saying that it was shipped. SHIPPED TO WHERE? BACK TO THE ADDRESS from which I have MOVED.  
Not ONCE did I get an apology for this 6-wk headache. By this time, I was frustrated and asked the manager to contact me. The manager, Mendy, called me two days later - today - and instead of apologizing, went through my emails with the customer service. Thread by thread, he read to me the words I wrote as I read along. After we went through verbatim, his feeble excuse: Customer Service knew that my address had changed but Return Dept did not. And that's supposed to be my job?  
The Return Dept has no idea what information Customer Service received. Does that make sense to anyone?  
I leave the country in nine days. What good is that to me? I asked him to send me another one expedited, and he said they don't have another product. I asked him to refund it and he said he can only refund it once the product is returned. Oh, so I'm supposed to deal with my accts, etc after I leave the country from overseas. Thanks a lot, guys. Thanks so much. I'm surprised you are in business.
By mtawney.  April 27, 2011 at 04:42AM (PST)
Horrible customer service. They didn't ship me my whole order and they won't refund my money!
By thatcassiechick.  January 05, 2011 at 02:43PM (PST)
HORRIBLE! Do not trust this company. They are out to steal your money. Had multiple things wrong with the camera I purchased. Charger was defective, game was "resume" (used or refurbished?!), and the screen had a dark green film when trying to take pictures or video, and on top of it, 3 weeks for shipping! Complained multiple times through email. NO customer service skills. This was suppose to be a gift for Christmas, and due to the non existent customer service I am stuck with a broken camera. WARNING! DO NOT BUY A THING FROM THIS "COMPANY"!  
By malocclu.  April 08, 2010 at 08:43AM (PST)
Great site. I check it every day.