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Tippen Sie "wp <Begriff>", um ein Wort in der Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie nachzuschlagen.
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#18 in Wissen Allgemein, #61 in Lexika and Nachschlagewerke, #136 in Dics, #620 in Nachschlagen, #1,283 in Lexika, #1,492 in Schnellsuche, #3,481 in Wissen, #3,783 in Infos, #3,826 in Suchmaschinen, #4,195 in Wiki
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By Modemski_Manjow.  July 01, 2009 at 04:32AM (PST)
This is the German version of Wikipedia. It is very reliable until one searching for political, ethical or religious themes. Then the administration tries to find the "well-beloved" public opinion, killing sideband opinions that are handled as political not mainstreamed. Most times, this is part of 1933-45 (Nazi Time) or 1949-1989 (GDR Time in east part of Germany).