FAQs regarding LastPass' acquisition of Xmarks

What does the LastPass acquisition of Xmarks mean for current Xmarks users?

There will be no disruption in service to existing Xmarks users. You can continue to use the basic bookmark sync service free of charge. In order to maximize the benefit of our service, as well as to ensure our long-term viability, we are also offering a premium Xmarks option for $12/year to include mobile phone support, open-tab sync, and new additonal features.

How can I be sure LastPass/Xmarks will stay around?

Since its inception, LastPass has operated under a 'freemium' model. This means that a large part of its service is available for free and users can opt to purchase 'LastPass Premium' which includes additional features like mobile support. Under this model, LastPass has become a profitable, thriving business. There is nothing in our numbers or forecasts that would suggest any concerns for our future viability. The same 'freemium' model will be applied to the Xmarks business in order to ensure that it too will become a strong contributor to the business. We look forward to serving you - and users the world over - for many years to come.

How can I make good on my pledge?

By purchasing Xmarks Premium for $12/year. Click here to purchase.

What is Xmarks Premium?

Xmarks Premium offers bookmark support on your iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry mobile. It also includes the Xmarks advanced features like backup and restore, as well as priority support should you ever need it. Xmarks Premium will be continually improved just like LastPass Premium has been.

Will LastPass and Xmarks be integrated?

Eventually yes, but for now the services will require separate downloads and will be administered through two distinct extensions and websites.

Is there any discount for using both LastPass and Xmarks Premium?

Yes, separately LastPass and Xmarks Premium cost $12/year each. If you choose to combine them, they cost $20/year total.

What if I am a current user of Xmarks mobile? Do I have to pay for the premium service in order to continue to get mobile support?

No, current active mobile Xmarks users will continue to be able to use the mobile application. To get upgrades to the mobile application you will need to become premium.

What if I am a current user of Xmarks or LastPass premium, and want to purchase the other service? Will I still get the discount?

Yes, you can purchase both services together for the discounted rate of $20/year.

What is on your roadmap?

We plan on continuing to expand where you can access your data. This includes more browsers (Opera) and more mobile devices (we just added Android and BlackBerry, etc).

Where can I find out more about LastPass?

Visit our website at http://lastpass.com.